• KGs 8:00AM to 12:30PM    KG to Gr. 5 (online and physically 8:30 to 1:10)
  • Gr.1-12   8:00AM to 02:00PM     Gr.6 to Gr.12 (online 8:30 to 1:10)
  • The language of instruction is English.
  • The school follows the MOE syllabus for Arabic, Islamic studies & Arabic Social Studies.
  • French is taught from grade 4 up to grade 8.

Age ranges as of 01/September:

  • KG1: 3.8 Years,
  • Gr1:  5.8 Years.

British Schools follow the “Year System” while the American schools follow the “Grade System”. The year system extends for 13 years while the grade system is only 12 years.

That is why students from British school will go one level down if moved to American schools (i.e a student in year 8 will automatically be placed in Grade 7 and so on).

  • 4% Local Students (UAE Nationality)
  • 6% Non-Local:
  1. Jordan, Algeria, Sudan, Somalia, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Palestine.
  2. Oman, Yemen.
  3. USA, Canada, Turkey, Kenya, Comoros.
  4. Pakistan
  • KG1&2: a maximum of 25 student per class.
  • G1 to G12: a maximum of 30 per class.
  • KG & Lower Elementary

American, South African, Canadian, Syrian Zimbabwe


  • Other Grades:

(American, Tunisian, Jordanian, Egyptian, Syrian, Palestinian, Indian, Philippine…)

  • 35% for HUMAT ALWATAN Card Holder.
  • 35% Medical Staff.
  • 30% for FAZAA Card Holder
  • 25% For all new students (from KG to Grade6).

Sibling discount will only apply if any of the school fees offers or discounts is not given.

Yes, IAS has a strict uniform policy for all students. Uniform can be purchased from the school.

YES, Starting Grade 5 and above.

We conduct tours by appointment, depending on the suitable time for parent and school management.

YES – Available for all Students and to all locations:

  • Inside Abu Dhabi Island
  • Outside Abu Dhabi Island (i.e. Khalifa City A&B, Baniyas, Shamkha, AlFalah, MBZ…)

Transport availability to be confirmed for some remote areas end of registration.

  1. Submit the application form with the required documents
  2. Pay (500) AED to be deducted later from the registration fees.
  3. Entrance exam appointment
  4. In case the student passes the exam, payment of registration fee (5% of the tuition fees)
  5. Reservation (Student’s original ID card required)
  6. Registration approval from ADEK
  7. Pay the first installment in cash and two cheques for the second & third installments.
  8. If the student plans to use school buses, then a special form must be filled out.
  9. Collect the books & the uniform (Date to be announced later)
  • Application Form with required documents
  1. Copy of IDs of student, father and mother.
  2. Copy of Passports of student, father and mother.
  3. Copy of the student’s vaccination certificate.
  4. (2) Personal photos of the student.
  5. A copy electricity bill (for premises Number).
  6. Report cards of two latest previous years.
  7. Fill out the consent form (school clinic).
  • Electronic applications through Emails only
  • Walk In