Campus life

At International Academic School we have an art room, music room, gym, science lab as well as outdoor areas. Our school campus meets the international standards that facilitate to support the innovative educational environment from kindergarten to secondary school.
International Academic School gives a platform for students helping them discover and develop their potential as well as promote national values, and become effective members of the local and global communities and build a brighter future.

Student Affairs

The International Academic School seeks to create a school environment where students feel supported academically and appreciated for their achievements.
one of our top priorities is to provide a safe and supportive learning environment which contributes to student success and achievement. In International Academic School all staff members are working to support the students with plans, activities, and appropriate follow-up to help them achieve success.
We establish the future of our children by providing them with an outstanding education and ensuring their well-being is our most important undertaking at International Academic School as we believe that students are our most valuable resource.
At International Academic School students’ life is well structured in order to strengthen the child’s imagination, creativity, social skills, and sense of self-confidence. Moreover, we offer support for our students and staff about child protection, health, and safety, etc.
The International Academic School provides 35% discounts for employees of IAS, Fazaa, and Homat Al Watan cardholders.


The International Academic School offers enriching fitness programs for students in the comfort of the Indoor fully air-conditioned gym facility. Students are involved in a wide range of physical activities and sports to provide an environment where students can develop a variety of skills.
Our spacious indoor gym contributes greatly to the achievement of educational goals, helps to take out talents, and is refined, within the corridors under the supervision of professionally trained and experienced teachers.

Graduate Student Life

Graduate Student Life at the International Academic School provides an opportunity for students to engage with the world community. The International Academic School is proud to be the center of information and resources for graduate student community all around the world. The below are our students who graduated from International Academic School currently studying in one of the best universities in the world.


The International Academic School works with the best suppliers that meet strict criteria and are certified for importing raw materials into the school canteen to guarantee the quality, safety, and value of the food offered to our students.
Students can buy food and drink at the canteen. This service is an optional alternative to bringing food from home. All students from Kg1 to Year 12 can use school canteen which all are supervised by class teachers.
In International Academic School we make it our responsibility to work hard and make sure we providing a healthy and a high-quality food by choosing the right food suppliers. We are obliged to comply with government regulations and quality standards, and provide quality foods, all while keeping the budget under control.

School Graduates

Graduate NameYear of GraduationInstitute
Mr. Zayed Saleh Awadh Ahmed Binsumaidaa2020_2022Al Sharjah University_ Medical School.
Ms. Reyouf Fahdyahya Abdulla Bal Hareth2020_2021New York University
Specialism: ICT Cybersecurity
Ms. Sara Salem Omar Salem Sameeda2020_2021New York University
Specialism: Business Administration
Mr. Obada Mosa Ali. Tanbooz2020_2021Ajman University – Medical School_ Dentistry
Mr. Mariam Sultan Abdulla Sultan Al Suwaidi 2019_2020Korea University Political Science and International Relations
Ms. Shamma Humaid Ali Humaid Marzouq AL Ketbi2019_2020Zayed University_ Medical School
Ms. Shamsa Mohamed Yahya Mohamed Al Remeithi2019_2020Underwood International College, Yonsei University
Energy and Environmental Science and Engineering

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