Throughout these units, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, Precalculus, Calculus, students will develop and use curriculum units of instruction that identify important concepts in the topics, that are presented using a variety of input modes and improve Critical thinking skills through regular exposure in which the students will read and analyze their content.

The students will be asked to submit projects on selected topics, in which they will be asked to outline and summarize their findings. in addition, students will do presentations throughout the year. This will help improve their solving and analyzing skills. These presentations can be completed using their computers at home or at the school library.  Differentiated instruction and different learning strategies will be applied to ensure all students are challenged and supported in their learning, including the implementation of group work, think pair share, peer assessment.  Furthermore, standardized rubrics will be developed to help students maintain a high standard in all assignments and assessments. During correction of quizzes and tests, teachers must give adequate feedback in writing for students along with a grade, to ensure all students are aware of their mistakes.

Engage students in complex tasks that require addressing content in unique ways.