Admission Guidelines

Disciplinary Guideliness

Level ONE offence would include:

  • Repeated lateness to or not participating in the morning assembly,
  • Repeated lateness to class without acceptable justification,
  • Being absent without acceptable justification,
  • Not wearing the correct school uniform,
  • Repeated failure to bring books and materials,
  • Disruptive behavior in class or assembly,
  • Homework repeatedly not done or incomplete, or
  • Any action similar to these violations.
  • Bringing cell phone to class.

Level ONE actions:

  • Verbal Warning
  • Written Notice
  • Warning Letter
  • Informing parent/guardian

Level TWO offence would include:

  • Writing on the schools walls and furniture,
  • Running away from class/not attending a lesson,
  • Going to other grade sections during the school day without permission,
  • Abusive or offensive language towards other students,
  • Profanity(dirty words),
  • Bullying/ threatening other students verbally or physically,
  • Counterfeiting parent’s signature on school correspondence,
  • Aggressive language towards staff,
  • Insubordination/ defiance,
  • Misuse of computers/ science lab equipment,
  • Spreading false rumors, or
  • Any action similar to these violations.

Level TWO actions:

  • Warning Letter
  • Informing parent/guardian
  • Student apologizes
  • Break time detention

Level THREE offence would include:

  • Cheating/ plagiarism/ misrepresentation,
  • Destruction of school or private propertyincluding school buses,
  • Truancy(not attending school without parent’s permission),
  • Flagrant violation of the community traditions and values,
  • Theft,
  • Smoking on campus,
  • Bringing dangerous items to the school (e.g., sharp items, fire crackers, cigarettes, lighters), or
  • Any action similar to these violations.

Level THREE actions:

  • Warning Letter
  • Urgent parent conference
  • Student apologizes
  • After schooldetention
  • Counseling sessions
  • Withdrawal of privileges
  • Community service in school

Level FOUR offence would include:

  • False accusations of or threats to school staff,
  • Immoral behaviour including sexual harassment,or
  • Any actions similar to these violations.

Level FOUR actions:

  • WarningLetter
  • Urgent parentconference
  • Student apologizes
  • Written Undertaking
  • Suspension
  • Community service in the Emirate
  • Punitive transfer to another school

Level FIVE offence would include:

  • Promoting anything against ethical values, morals, manners and general system,
  • Fighting/ physical violence,
  • Recruiting younger students to carry out violence,
  • Inciting a group to disruptive behaviour or violence,
  • Using dangerous items (firearms or non-firearms) in the school,
  • Possessing or using drugs in the school, or
  • Any actions similar to theseviolations.

Level FIVE actions:

  • Warning Letter
  • Urgent parent conference
  • Student apologizes
  • Written undertaking
  • Suspension
  • Expulsion