We, at IAS, take education very seriously. We offer our students (K -12) an American Curriculum based on Virginia State Standards.

We want our students to excel and produce high academic grades, but at the same time we are not just another “traditional school” geared towards exam-based education. Our teachers do not teach “to the test” simply because we are not interested in producing academic robots only capable of reciting information. Our mission is to develop the whole student, one capable of critical thinking and innovation, a student who loves to learn and is a model citizen in today’s globalized, multi-cultural world.

Life -long learning only starts in the school and flows through the home and beyond. We strongly believe that our role as educators would never be effective without the active involvement of parents in the education of their children. That is why we are calling on all parents to participate in the PTA and support our activities and functions. On our part we will do our best to develop new communication channels to keep the parents well informed.

We wish all our students a very successful year.

Mrs. Hayat Hammoud


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